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Young People’s Poetry - Hall Green Railway Station Volunteers illustration

Young People’s Poetry
Organisation: Hall Green Station Volunteers
Station: Hall Green
The Vision: To build on the close connections between community and schools in Hall Green, creating links with the railways



This was a project to bring together schools and local railways.  The volunteers worked with local schools arranging for Black Country based Poets to deliver workshops for the children to write poems relating to travel.

A key part of this project was featuring the poems in the Hall Green Station waiting room on the community Poetry Boards which have become ‘local legends’ over the past years with the resident volunteers at the station presenting passengers with an ever changing display of poems to read whilst waiting for their trains.

This is one of the poems written by the children taking part in the programme and part of the Station Poetry Display during 2022.


The Magic of Travel

Travel is magical

Strapping myself in, squinting my eyes,

I can’t wait for the plane surprise!

Travel is magical

Flying into the skies, the clouds diverge,

I can smell an adventure beginning to emerge!

Travel is magical

With my food, drink and soft teddy bear,

I am flying over a carpet of candyfloss in the air!

Travel is magical

The iron bird elegantly glides towards the floor,

What an experience, but I wish for more!

Almeera who wrote the poem with the ‘tutor’ poet Matt Goodfellow

Almeera who wrote the poem with the ‘tutor’ poet Matt Goodfellow

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