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Poetry on the Shakespeare Line

The Shakespeare Line runs from Birmingham Moor Street to Stratford upon Avon, and is one of the first railway lines in the country where all the stations along the route have been adopted by local community groups.

As part of the Customer and Communities Improvement Fund (CCIF) programme, the West Midlands based, Poets, Prattlers and Pandemonialists organised a poem for every station along The Shakespeare Line and a poem was also commissioned by Birmingham Poet Laureate Casey Bailey for the whole line.

Eighteen of the Midlands’ leading poets have written about one specific station, so that every station on the line now has a dedicated poem which will be included on a poster at the station and also features on the Overhear app.

The Shakespeare Line Poem is called ‘The Journey’ and is set to a video featuring archive and present-day footage of the trains and stations, this was released on Shakespeare’s birthday. It’s a thing of beauty.

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