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Stratford-on-Avon Parkway
Yesterday’s edge

Carriage connections cast fusions in time
Bloodline relatives destined to cross paths
Happenstance meetings occur on the lines
Via stories that divert from the tracks.

Perhaps you could look left…
       look right…
and tell me where you’re heading
History is ingrained beneath the concrete
but whose story are you threading?
Yesteryear’s ethos still ripples between our lives
Echoes fall hopeful between the muted
    and the cries
Nature’s song sings in tranquil sounds
Upshot’s stand reticent just a stone’s throw from his town
from his grounds.

From this ounce of sound
To the clout that surrounds us  
If word of mouth is the author, then our stories are boundless
And we have stood in countless moments
during countless times
Some were not chosen, we just encountered the signs and heeded their suggestions
Immersed in disparity
Building new days from old lessons
Overlapping time spans that live side-by-side
Form architectural constellations as contrasts

You find yourself here, on yesterday’s edge
Questioned by the now and what lies ahead

by Matt Windle

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