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The station building at Henley in Arden was built and first opened in 1908 when the Great Western Railway launched its new direct route between Birmingham, Stratford upon Avon, and Cheltenham.

In the early 1990s' British rail closed the booking office at Henley in Arden and boarded up the station building and for over thirty years, the building has remained empty.

The town of Henley in Arden, represented by the Friends of Henley in Arden and supported by the Community Station Partnership, Friends of the Shakespeare Line, has entered into a community lease for occupancy of the building, with its freehold owner Network Rail. 

The CCIF grant has enabled, with other funders, the repair and refurbishment of the building which retains the original style while incorporating modern facilities.

The revival of Henley Station Building provides local meeting and networking spaces as well as units for enterprise outlets, there is a community-operated catering facility and multi-function open space.  The volunteers are confident that the re-use of the station building will attract visitors to Henley in Arden by train and that this building renovation scheme will inspire other schemes across the UK and for Henley, will significantly enhance the current station environment, increase footfall and the support myriad local community enterprises


Henley Community Enterprise Hub
Organisation: Friends of Henley Station
Station: Henley in Arden
The Vision: To restore the station building which has been unused and boarded up for over three decades

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