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The People’s Poetry on the Shakespeare Line

People’s Poetry on The Shakespeare Line

The People’s Poetry project is a first in the West Midlands thanks to Poets, Prattlers, and Pandemonialists

Bringing community and arts together via the railway, all the stations along the Shakespeare Line have had their own Poem commissioned by local poets and the local poems will be displayed at the station on specially designed boards, also featuring as spoken by the poet via QR codes on the poster boards at each destination.

This project was designed to remind people of the benefits of rail travel, building on the success of the Pride of Place poem which thanked volunteers in the railway industry and was a viral success in the year of its commission, 2019.

The 2021 People’s Poetry project celebrates the hidden gems along the line, culminating in Stratford upon Avon and marking Shakespeare’s Birthday with a specially commissioned ode to the great man by the Birmingham Poet Laureate

Listen to Casey Bailey, the Birmingham Poet Laureate reading The Journey.

The People’s Poetry Project has an over-arching purpose and that is ‘To weave the wonder of art into the everyday and put a smile on people’s faces’.

The People’s Poetry has been well-received and there have been many smiles throughout this project.

Poets of the Shakespeare Line
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