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Rowley Regis to Halesowen

Halesowen is a lovely market town within easy reach of Birmingham City Centre, but the beautiful historic town that has been awarded global ‘Bloom’ prizes, has no direct rail access for shoppers, visitors or residents. 

Halesowen Business Improvement District designed this ‘Reaching Halesowen’ project to improve ease of access to the town by promoting the bus and walking routes to the town via Rowley Regis station.

Passengers on the trains to Rowley Regis will hear voice announcements that now include ‘Rowley Regis FOR HALESOWEN’ and newly designed ‘totem’ information poles also reinforce the message. 

The Project’s many officers, supporters and volunteers have arranged wayfinding signage at both Rowley Regis Railway Station and Halesowen Bus Station, there will also be ‘Real-Time Information’ screens and signage to encourages the use of Cycle Hubs at Rowley Regis.


The people and businesses of Halesowen have long wished to encourage local community connections inspiring people to ‘Reach Halesowen’ via sustainable transport means and this project has enabled the promotion of Halesowen as an independent shopping destination to enhance the local pride and economic wellbeing of the market town.

Reaching Halesowen

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