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Thrive Stations

This joint venture has been designed by a partnership between two social enterprises: Impact 4Life Wellbeing and Communities Engage and Thrive CIC (CET).

The local social enterprises provide support schemes for people keen to access wellbeing provision in their localities, both organisations are not-for-profit Community Interest Companies whose aim is to make positive wellbeing a must-have in everyone's lifestyles.  Both have a mission to help support local individuals and communities improve their health and quality of life and make healthier choices for their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Via this project, access to wellbeing for local communities has been arranged by the 'Thrive Stations' project providing pop-up fitness hubs at various locations in the vicinity of inner-city stations in Birmingham.  Throughout the summer of ’21, complimentary fitness and wellbeing services were available in the areas of Perry Barr, Duddeston, Jewellery Quarter, Aston Witton and Hamstead. The pop-ups provided advice, contacts, guidance, local information and links to local support systems.  Alongside this the project secured a stunning ‘Smoothie Bike’ to draw people to the Wellbeing Pop Ups and this has proven to be a popular feature and talking point amongst local communities.

The project reached over a thousand people and the legacy value includes continuing connections between communities and the wellbeing services.

Thrive Stations

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