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Jewellery Quarter Railway Station

Greening The Grey at
Jewellery Quarter Station

A talented urban gardener, local volunteers, and the Jewellery Quarter BID (JQBID) have worked together on this urban project to develop a stunning makeover at the inner-city station. 

The project brings eco-themed gardening to Jewellery Quarter station, one of Birmingham’s busiest inner-city railway stations.  

The main feature of this project is the installation of 12 x 2m wide stunning planters on both platforms. Local garden designer/guru Gaynor Steele will lead the planting which will incorporate plants and shrubs to enhance the air quality, helping eliminate pollution and improving the environment for passengers and local residents. 

The ‘green makeover’ shows how an urban railway station can tackle pollution with careful planting schemes and wildflowers to improve biodiversity and local air quality, whilst incorporating art to create an inspirational environment. 

The project will also include edible planting, rainwater collection and the creation of green areas to soften the landscape, providing spaces for passengers to relax and learn more about the fascinations of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. 

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